Your Unified Solution For Infrastructure Security Monitoring.

An enterprise-ready cloud based security monitoring solution for threat detection, integrity monitoring and infrastructure monitoring.

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Visualise Your Infrastructure Security

Security Portal

Visualise your own security posture via a simple to use personal dashboard.

Get system configuration recommendations based on problems found

Crowd Intelligence

See how your systems, vulnerability exposure and even system patching policy compares to other infraSPY clients (anonymously)

Manage Risk

Easily analyse your security risk with our Infrastructure Security Portal.

See what systems need patching. Check for known vulnerabilities, if systems are being attacked and more

A Dedicated Platform

Every infraSPY client has separate dedicated security monitoring infrastructure deployed within minutes of registering.

Your data is never shared and/or mixed with other client data

Advanced Security Monitoring

Personal Dashboard

Access to your own personalised security monitoring dashboard once registered. Deploy monitoring agents and gather real time information about your infrastructure.

Included in every package.

Rapid Integration

Simple and Powerful

Security Dashboard
Rapid, Easy to install monitoring agent.

What is InfraSpy?

InfraSpy is a data aggregation and alerting platform for your website and I.T infrastructure. By sending us logs and installing our agent we can gain insight into what is happening in real-time. 

We aggregate multiple technology vendors to create a platform capable of giving you the best in cloud security analytics.

Our Platform.

Built with open source

infraSPY utilise some of the worlds biggest and most powerful open source products to provide you with
an extremely comprehensive infrastructure security monitoring and reporting platform.

Together with our custom built Monitoring Dashboard, you and your organisation can view security events in real time to help mitigate vulnerabilities and potential infrastructure threats.

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